Next Hype #12




Stevenage band Moats have always been one of those bands where it was a question of not if but when they will get their big break, and that seems like it could be just around the corner for this four-piece. After a continual succession of well received and brilliantly written tracks…

[Stormer Music Mondays] Rare musical artist: Moats - Toothache


Ok Guys so this Band is Called Moats, their a indie rock and you can’t find many of their songs on Youtube but here’s one. This song’s called Toothache and I find what they do in it really cool because they say:

You’re not real, you’re toothache!

(See what they do there?? hahahah!!)

and featuring in the song is a singer calledAsya Fairchildwho’s also really good.

If you’de like these guys and would want to know more song, just ask and I can tell you the ones I know